Starting a Drupal site right - with Composer

Starting a Drupal site right - with Composer

Composer is an essential part of the Drupal developer toolbox. Like it or not, it’s here to stay. First we will build a “vanilla” Drupal site, followed by lightning.  I’ll then go into the basics of Composer and some challenges you might face.

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I’ve got over ten years professional industry experience in front and back-end web development, database design, integration, and implementation for both government and commercial clients. I am currently using PHP as my primary server-side language; however, I’ll combine multiple programming languages like Ruby, Perl, Javascript and even shell scripting in my solutions.

Some of the other frameworks I have implemented include Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular and Drupal and I love all things DevOps like Docker, Chef, and Vagrant.  In addition, I’m even a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Virginia and have experience with transportation engineering, land development, and stormwater management and geotechnical engineering.

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