Speed Up your D8 deliveries with CICD Pipeline

Speed Up your D8 deliveries with CICD Pipeline

In this session i will focus on the Jenkins CICD pipeline setup done for D8 project, which can be reused by majority of D8 project with minor to no tweak. The talk with touch upon

  • Quick Walk-thru of Jenkins Setup
  • Artificats Building
  • Code Coverage
    • Combined this with some code quality using Sonarqube
    • PHPUnit for Code Coverage
    • Behat
  • QA
    • JMeter for Load Test (Leverages Blazemeter)
    • Screenshots
  • Deployment
  • Post-Deploy Verify
  • Post Build Notifications

This pipeline should help any team to cut the time spend on reviews / deployments while increating the quality of the output. This should help you improve the release cycles while keeping the quality of deliverables.

About the Speaker(s): 

Solution Architect with TATA Consultancy Services for Drupal & Symfony Projects, specialised in Life science Domain. Proven skills in complex business and web applications developments using PHP, Perl, Python,MySql, Ruby and Angular. Experience in various cloud infrastructure such as AWS and Google Cloud Platforms. I have expertise in Web Application Penetration Testing and also have experience in eCommerce, Enterprise applications, Information Security.

Have organized Camps / Meetup in Mumbai, India and a Regular Member of Central New Jersey Community Member.  I have also mentored in DrupalCon Baltimore / LA / NOLA. A Webmaster in Drupal.org & Content Queue contributor in Drupal.org

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