Panel Discussion - Applying Agile to Business Contracts

Panel Discussion - Applying Agile to Business Contracts

Panel Discussion - Applying Agile to Business Contracts

After a short introduction by Mike Harris of the Premios Group, the panel will discuss "Agile Contracts"

Abstract: Yes, Agile Contracts are possible and are quite desirable.  There are methods to construct contracts to achieve outcomes using 3rd party resources in an Agile manner.  This is true for all cost-benefit evaluations, something that everyone on the team should appreciate.

The Panel will consist of

  • Mike Harris ( Premios Group)
  • David Bulkin ( Grow-Lean LLC ) as a trainer, INFOQ Editor and frequent speaker and writer,
  • Chris Urban ( Acquia ) as a Drupal programmer and project leader
  • Paul Eisenberg ( RSI Content Solutions ) has pioneered LEAN techniques in the Publishing industry, working with Authors, Publishers, Content Providers and Staff to streamline workflows.




About the Speaker(s): 
  • Mike Harris of PremiosGroup will set the mood discussing ways to Measure Business Value in a CMS Environment ( 20 minutes )

  • Our Panel Discussion will then dig even deeper, with the following experts

  • David Bulkin, Nationally known author, INFOQ editor and Trainer, adding his views of Working to Discover Business Value

  • Chris Urban, Drupal Guru, will have insights into CMS construction

  • Paul Eisenberg, who pioneered Agile Practices in the Publishing Content arena.  Paul has worked with Content Providers, Customers and Consumers, and CMS Developers to construct efficient flows of work for the Publishing Industry in many facets.

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