Opening Remarks & Lightning Keynotes

Opening Remarks & Lightning Keynotes

If you missed out on DrupalCon Nashville, we've got you covered at Drupaldelphia!

Our lightning keynotes will feature 4 panelists providing perspectives from:

  • Spearheading new technologies with Drupal
  • Leading project/product management teams
  • Operating a digital agency
  • Changing the academic landscape to keep up with digital technologies

Panelists and moderator will highlight takeaways from the DrupalCon Nashville 2018 Driesnote and summarize the future of the digital web landscape from their perspectives! 

Moderator: Chirs Urban, Manager, Professional Services, Acquia. 


Marcus Iannozzi Founder and Principal, Message Agency. Marcus graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and has over 20 years of experience implementing communication and marketing strategies for the public and nonprofit sectors. Entrepreneurial in spirit, but a poet at heart, Marcus firmly believes that business can be done differently. He has grown Message Agency from a solo practice to a thriving social enterprise with the sole mission of providing nonprofits, universities, foundations, and governments with the tools and resources they need to impact the greater good.

Preston So, Director of Research and Innovation, Acquia. Preston So has been a web developer and designer since 2001, a creative professional since 2004, and a Drupal developer since 2007. As Director of Research and Innovation at Acquia, Preston leads new open-source and research initiatives and helms Acquia Labs, the innovation lab featured in international press that built Ask GeorgiaGov, the first Alexa skill for citizens of the State of Georgia, and projects for Nestlé Purina and others. Preston has presented keynotes at conferences on four continents in multiple languages and speaks around the world about diverse topics such as decoupled Drupal, front-end development, user experience, open-source innovation, and emerging technologies..

Joel Chew, PMO Service Delivery Manager for Lean Software, Thomson Reuters. Joel Chew is the PMO service delivery manager for Thomson Reuters. The business focus of Thomson Reuters is to provide value and deliver enterprise software solutions to customers for their legal systems. He serves with 11 direct reports and more than 150 team members. He has extensive experiences utilizing agile and lean in new software product development, enterprise software implementation, and software release management – and is passionate about leveraging agile and lean practices to help businesses deliver maximum value and, as a result, achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

Peter Brooks, Director of Admissions and Career Services, Hussian College. Peter Brooks has spent most of his adult life in higher education. As such, issues such as influence, instructional design, epistemology and group dynamics are extremely important to him.  After getting his Master’s from NYU in Film/TV Production Management, Peter became a professor of Media Arts at Coppin State College. From there he branched out on his own and his clients included politicians, conferences, advocacy organizations, and schools.  Peter came to Hussian College for the opportunity to build innovative programs in UI/UX, Marketing Technology and the Coding Bootcamp.


Watch the DrupalCon Nashville 2018 Driesnote, below, in case you missed it!


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