Mastering the CDN: Present & Future

Mastering the CDN: Present & Future

If you site is not running on a CDN, you are doing it wrong. Modern websites receive enormous benefits in terms of speed & reliability when utilizing a content delivery network - and setting one up for your site has never been easier.

CDNs offer the best in class support for making websites fast utilizing techniques such as HTTPS/2 (soon HTTPS/3), image compression, global points of presence, TLS integration, cache tags (in D8 core!), & much more!

This presentation will review how a CDN works, how to integrate it into your site, and how to get the fastest and best site on the internet using other peoples servers around the world.

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Matthew Cheney is a long time web developer who co-founded the Drupal hosting company called Pantheon in 2010. He knows a lot about backend web architecture and loves FAST websites all across the world.

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