Making Drupal better by enabling a new group of Contributors

Making Drupal better by enabling a new group of Contributors

There are many people who use Drupal regularly, but have never contributed to it. Interestingly, many of them would love to contribute to Drupal. I posited that if contributing were only more straightforward, much more people would do it. To test the the claim, we organized and ran an event which was open to the public, called a "Barrier-Free Contribution Sprint".

A barrier-free contribution sprint is a live event featuring the following:

  • Environment set up instructions for every task
  • Clutter-free, detailed, concise issue (task) summaries
  • Ability to submit your contributions as soon as they're ready without any red tape

This event attendees included:

  • People looking for an easy way to get started with contributing
  • Mentors looking to help out other attendees contribute to Drupal
  • People interested in Drupal looking to speak with Debug Academy alumni
  • "Drupalers" looking to network with other local contributors

We targeted 2 main areas: Documentation on and a contrib theme which we are maintainers of. We aimed to remove all barriers to contribution by thoroughly preparing tasks for the sprint, and preparing tools and workflows to make the contribution process smooth.

Attend this session to learn about how the event was run, how it went, who the new contributors are, and how we can use this information to help grow and improve Drupal.

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