A Lando to Probo to Pantheon Workflow

A Lando to Probo to Pantheon Workflow

Jody Hamilton of Probo, Matt Cheney of Pantheon and Mike Pirog of Lando come together to show how we use these three tools in harmony to handle local development, review and testing, through to deployment and hosting.

We start with Lando, a Docker-based local development solution. Mike will get you up to speed on the whys, whats and hows of getting started, including how easy it is to integrate with Pantheon.

Next we create a Github pull request and we see how Probo saves time in testing, review and preparing deployments. We show how we can build a  Probo test environment using the latest database backup from Pantheon.

Finally we push code to Pantheon and Matt Cheney reminds us why it's the platform all us Philly Drupal devs love and shares the magic with those newer to the scene.

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Jody Hamilton is a co-owner and engineer on Probo. She works on devops workflows to make her team more efficient.

Matt Cheney is a co-founder of Pantheon. He helps organizations improve their deployment and hosting workflows.

Mike Pirog is the benevolent dictator of Lando. He makes local development better.


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