Intro to Accessibility

Intro to Accessibility

Accessibility is not just a hot topic, but an essential consideration of any web development project. 

In this session, we will cover:

  • What accessibility means
  • Why accessibility is important
  • The alphabet soup of accessibility terms (often abbreviated a11y - there’s your first one!)
  • Some basic considerations when planning and developing your site
  • Drupal-specific accessibility
  • Testing your site


You should leave this session with a fundamental understanding of why your site must be accessible, an understanding of the lingo, and the resources to get it there. We’ll cover both the human side and the business case, and I’ll refer you to a host of fantastic resources so that you can analyze and assess your project’s needs now that you have an understanding of why this is so essential!

About the Speaker(s): 

Alanna is an experienced Drupal developer and speaker. She is on the leadership team of the Drupal Diversity & Inclusion group, and a member of the DrupalCon programming team. Accessibility has become a recent passion. You can follow Alanna on twitter: @aburke626 or find her on


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