Host Your Own Drupal with Open Source

Host Your Own Drupal with Open Source

Why Host your Own Drupal? With so many amazing hosting providers available to you, why in the world would anyone want to "self-host" in 2018?

Well, perhaps:

  1. Your organization has already invested in IT. Your data infrastructure and human resources should be put to use!
  2. Your app has special security, technology or location needs that just aren't fulfilled by hosting services.
  3. You want to get the most out of every server and every dollar, with entirely open source software.

This session will be all about how a Drupal Distribution called Aegir can be used to make hosting Drupal on your own servers (and laptops) easier.

In this session we will:

  1. Prepare a server to run Drupal in minutes using a few simple commands.
  2. Launch dozens or hundreds more sites on that server with just a few clicks of a Drupal site.
  3. Spin up even more servers on the cloud provider of your choice at http://%/node/add/server

For over 10 years, Aegir has been delivering Drupal without you needing to worry about server configuration or database permissions. When DevShop was created 6 years ago, we got the cloud-development pipelines and continuous integration and automated tests you've come to expect, but on your own servers.

For the next 10, we are rewriting everything from the ground up in Symfony Console and Drupal 8, and are leveraging modern hosting systems like Ansible & Docker out of the box.

This session doesn't expect you to know the details of how hosting works, and it won't teach you the details of Apache or MySQL configuration. This session will show you how you can host Drupal on your own servers with limited technical knowledge.

This talk was originally given at DrupalGovCon 2017. Video & Slides available.

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