Drupal 8: The Missing Parts

Drupal 8: The Missing Parts

Can you not quite get Drupal to do what you want? Is your Admin side of your site a little clunky? Too many paragraph bundles that all do basically the same thing?

This session will go over some tips and tricks and some potentially scary parts of Drupal that you can look into to help you learn that next level of Drupal. Easily add that bit of customization the “Drupal way” so as to not break everything else. Easily utilize the tools that Drupal already provides, but you may not know they exist. Develop some good habits that you can transfer from project to project. Make your project slightly better for the next Drupal developer that works on your site. Overall we will cover ways to make your theming of Drupal sites more consistent.

  • Custom Field formatters
  • Libraries
  • Services
  • Display Modes
  • Tokens
  • And More...

This session will not necessarily cover code in depth, but let you know about the ideas and concepts so you can dive further into topics that you may need for your upcoming projects. And hopefully some good Q&A time as well


Updated slides at: https://github.com/pingevt/d8-missing-parts

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