Design Systems for the Web

Design Systems for the Web

At Eastern Standard, we’ve spent several years refining our approach to the design and implementation of content-rich websites, transitioning away from “templates” and toward modular components that can be combined, re-used, and updated as needs change. This presentation will provide an overview of what we've learned through that process, with concise, actionable takeaways for those who:

a) want to start using a systems-based approach to design, or

b) are struggling to maintain the integrity of their system as projects move forward.

We'll talk about our fundamental approach to creating and scaling design systems, and we'll cover how we, as a team, have bridged the gaps between UX, visual design, and development to ensure that each area of competency can utilize and meaningfully contribute to the design approach.

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DesignBrew Meetup Philadelphia (2019)

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Jim Keller is one of the founding partners of Eastern Standard, a combined branding and web agency headquartered in Philadelphia. He has worked in nearly all aspects of web technology over his 20-year career, from extensive front-end coding to network operations support at Philadelphia's first Internet provider. Jim's experience in user experience, research, and design, and his focus in technology implementation guides the team in the creation of innovative, large-scale web projects.

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