Content Authoring UX and Flexible Design Systems

Content Authoring UX and Flexible Design Systems

Content authors are your users, too. With the growing presence of flexible/modular/pattern-based designs, how can you create an intuitive, inviting CMS that will thrive long after the project is done? This session looks at how to collaborate with the folks who will be in the CMS day after day. We’ll cover:


  • Naming things
  • Content patterns and visual patterns
  • How to make abstractions concrete
  • How to get content authors to practice with the CMS while you build it


We’ll also cover Drupal modules and tools for creating a better editing experience, including:


  • Custom WYSIWYG configurations
  • Paragraphs
  • Settings pages (Mann, Albright-Knox)
  • Content edit form layout (tab groupings, label and instructions)


This session will draw from Bluecadet’s experience building CMSes for a wide range of products including websites, native applications, and interactive touchscreens.

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