Accessibility Lab

Accessibility Lab


This lab offers attendees a chance to:

  • Run a cursory accessibility scan/review of a site of your choosing
  • Learn how to interpret the findings and identify possible fixes
  • Consult with Accessibility champions about challenges you may have on your website or app when it comes to accessibility
  • Demonstrate/see first-hand how a site of your choosing performs on some older phone models, tablets, a PC, and a Mac with the device's accessibility features enabled.

Among some of the accessibility tools being demonstrated:

  • MS's Accessibility Insights
  • Site Improve Extension (not the paid platform)
  • koa11y
  • pa11y
  • assorted accessibility extensions and plugins available for leading browsers



Comprehensive List of a11y Resources

Recent Regional News:

What should the tech community learn about accessibility? []


Below are some links extracted from the comprehensive list:

Resources for Designers:


Resources for Developers/Site Builders


A11y Tool Comparisons

These give a decent overview on many popular tools


About the Speaker(s): 

Alanna is an experienced Drupal developer and speaker. She is on the leadership team of the Drupal Diversity & Inclusion group, and a member of the DrupalCon programming team. Accessibility has become a recent passion. You can follow Alanna on twitter: @aburke626 or find her on

Kara Gaulrapp is a front-end developer at Message Agency. With a personal mission to create an inclusive web, Kara is committed to web accessibility, inclusive design practices, and digital literacy.

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