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2018 Drupaldelphia

Using mood-driven UX methods for form processes

When it comes to grueling but necessary site tasks (such as long forms), how do we keep users from feeling annoyed throughout the process?

By mapping out each user type’s mood throughout a journey, we gain a greater perspective of where pain points are, and how to minimize them. We will look at examples, such as multi-page request forms and shopping cart check outs, to see where we can mitigate stress-inducing tasks for our users.

Content Moderation in Core

Content moderation is stable in Drupal 8.5.x.

The Content Moderation module allows you to expand on Drupal's "unpublished" and "published" states for content. It allows you to have a published version that is live, but have a separate working copy that is undergoing review before it is published. This is achieved by using Workflows to apply different states and transitions to entities as needed.

2016 Drupaldelphia

The Project Manager as Godzilla: Learn to Squash Bugs

Projects and budgets often live and die around quality assurance. In this session learn how a blend of client management tactics and technical resources will up your game and make you a cross-functional quality assurance and project management kaiju. Discover how to engage clients in a successful QA process from kick-off to launch with a blend of practical tips and common sense tactics.

Does my Drupal backend look weird to you?

You manage a Drupal site, adding content, curating the homepage. You had some developers build it for you, or maybe you built it yourself. There are some things that are sort of frustrating and confusing, but that's just how Drupal is, right? It's totally normal, right? Wait, are you saying that maybe it's not and maybe it's just my site? Oh my god, does my backend look weird to you? Like..... in a bad way?

Managing Other Services with Drupal

One of Drupal's great strengths is creating good user interfaces on the web.  FAPI makes creating forms trivial.  The theming layer provides a consistent look and feel across the site while allowing for custom skinning of any page.

Drupal Beyond the Browser: Using Drupal to Power Apps and Touchscreens


There’s a lot of talk about headless architectures and using CMSes in conjunction with front-end JavaScript frameworks to make better websites and webapps. But what if you want to use Drupal for something other than a website? This session will focus on how Bluecadet used Drupal to power a user-orientation application installed on touchscreens throughout the Field Museum in Chicago. The touchscreens provide maps, schedule information, and the ability to send items to your phone.

Layouts, not Templates : Make every page your own with Panelizer

Traditional web site building relies on the idea of a template.  A fixed structure for a page.  A good example is a "landing page template".

A common conversation between a client and a designer/developer will be "you have a home page template, a landing page template, and two interior templates to chose from..."  

Meaning you have 3 layouts for the entirety of your site...

Examples are countless, and all of them are stories in frustration, and cement shoes.

Life on Purpose


The session will illuminate how our conscious choices impact ourselves, our future, and those around us. We will begin by discussing leadership, the current and future world of work, and the importance of living a life of purpose.

SSL Authentication for Your Users

SSL certificates are critical to web sites.  We all use them in even the smallest of sites.  They provide users with confidence that their data will be protected in transit and that the site they are sending their data is the one they expect it to be.

But SSL certificates aren't only for websites.  Users can use SSL certs to log into a site without sending a username or password.

Get it Write the First time: User Stories

  • What's the difference among a story, an Epic, a task or an Improvement?
  • What's a tracer bullet, as opposed to a Spike?
  • How do you bridge the gap between what your client wants and what the developers on your team need to know?

Port your theme to Drupal 8

Now that Drupal 8 has an official release, it's time to look at the way things work for front end developers.

In this session we will compare the Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 theme layers and what makes front end development in Drupal 8 different. We will also look at the proper way to port a D7 theme to D8. 


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