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2018 Drupaldelphia

Into the backend: How to understand and plan code

Programming in languages like PHP is more than learning syntax. You must learn how to outline, plan, and write code to accomplish specific goals.

This can be difficult to wrap your head around at first. We take a step out of the code through an easy-to-understand analogy which walks us through the thought process for both how to plan writing code using a programming language and how to plan writing code using a framework.

If you're interested in taking your skills beyond HTML, CSS, and/or Site Building into programming, this is where to start.

Making Drupal better by enabling a new group of Contributors

There are many people who use Drupal regularly, but have never contributed to it. Interestingly, many of them would love to contribute to Drupal. I posited that if contributing were only more straightforward, much more people would do it.

SilkscreenCMS: Easy Upgrades from Drupal 7

In January of 2017, SilkscreenCMS forked off of Backdrop to provide some advanced configuration and database features.  Over the last year, the core code has re-added database drivers, added new configuraiton storage options, and a framework to easily add more, while maintaining compatibility with Backdrop. In this talk, we'll go over the history of SilkscreenCMS, where SilkscreenCMS fits in the market, the new features, and take a look at the future of the platform.

Drupal Unhitched: The CMS in Decoupled Architectures

Decoupling your CMS isn’t just a technology question — it’s a different way of approaching the architecture of your data and its use. This session will look at popular scenarios for decoupled architectures, including:



Migrations: You Should Love Them (or at least try to)

Your Client has spent years building up content and even though it may need to be tweaked, they don’t want to lose it on their brand new shiny site. Enter Content Migration. For most projects, Content Migrations are an extreme hassle but also are an extremely important part of a new site. For a project to be a success its starts with the migration.

Does CI make sense for Agencies?

Continuous Integration has been a very popular topic over the last couple of years, and it’s easy to feel that you should already be doing it. In theory it all sounds great, but does it really fit with how your team works? How would your team’s process have to change to start using CI? At Bluecadet we’ve just started to integrate CI into our process, and we want to share some of our experiences with the Drupal community.


Drupal 8: The Missing Parts

Can you not quite get Drupal to do what you want? Is your Admin side of your site a little clunky? Too many paragraph bundles that all do basically the same thing?

All Good Things Must Come to an End: Archiving Your Drupal site onto Amazon S3

At some point, all sites come to an end, so join us in one example of how we did this for a government site. In this advanced session Dave Watts (Fig Leaf Software) and Kirsten Burgard (US Department of State) will take you through the steps they took to archive a Drupal 7 site onto S3.

Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to fail up through trial and error and:

Docksal: one tool to rule local and CI/CD environments

Working on a project that is distributed across many developers and many operating systems is challenging. Let's see how to set up uniform local environments for your Drupal, Wordpress, Node, Gatsby, Hugo, etc. project across your entire team, automate the project workflow regardless of the OS, and then re-use this automation to upgrade to continuous integration and delivery.

This session will cover:

Easy Automated Testing with Pull Request Environments on your own servers with DevShop

DevShop is an open-source Drupal hosting platform that can be used for production, development and testing environments. 

Powered by a Drupal web interface, simply enter your websites source code, name your environments, pick your branches, and start running Behat tests on every git push.

DevShop allows you to setup automated Behat testing without writing any scripts, creating any YAML files, or learning about Jenkins or Docker. 

Easily launch new environments for every pull request or every branch of your git repository.

Host Your Own Drupal with Open Source

Why Host your Own Drupal? With so many amazing hosting providers available to you, why in the world would anyone want to "self-host" in 2018?

Well, perhaps:

Getting Started with React, Drupal 8, and JsonAPI

You don't have to go fully headless to integrate React into your site. You can use it for a page, a section, a content type, or a page component.

First I'll talk about what React is good for and when it may be a good fit or not.

I'll walk through how we used it on using Drupal 8 and JsonAPI module.

I'll get you started with adding a custom Drupal 8 module to start connecting Drupal and React. And show the ins and outs of the JsonAPI module so you don't get stuck being seen with the core REST module.

Understanding Git

Have you been using git for years but still get yourself occasionally into frustrating situations you don't understand? Are you good pushing to master but get kerfuffled with a feature branch workflow?

There's no amount of experience with it that will fill in the understanding gap. You can google for help every time or have your colleague come over and show you how to fix the mess, but somehow you're still confused. You need to grasp the mental model of what a git commit really is before it will really fall into place.

Learn how to set up your own Drupal instance with Docker

This workshop will teach you how to set up your own Drupal Instance using Docker. You will learn about containers, images, shared volumes and how to get quickly familiar with Docker commands so you can spin up your own virtual environments to match your specific needs. This workshop will benefit Docker beginners the most and get into some intermediate topics as well. Ask questions, bring your computers and don't let your lack of Docker slow you down from having a competitive advantage with doing your work.

Using mood-driven UX methods for form processes

When it comes to grueling but necessary site tasks (such as long forms), how do we keep users from feeling annoyed throughout the process?

By mapping out each user type’s mood throughout a journey, we gain a greater perspective of where pain points are, and how to minimize them. We will look at examples, such as multi-page request forms and shopping cart check outs, to see where we can mitigate stress-inducing tasks for our users.

Halp! I'm Stuck in Drupal 7!

This is NOT a session about upgrading to Drupal 8; you already want to, you already know you should, and you've already attended 32 different sessions about how. This is for the people who have projects that keep limping along in Drupal 7 and there's no time or budget in sight to upgrade. This is about limiting pain points and decreasing the amount of time you spend on regular maintenance so that you can spend more time on creating that migration plan.

Some of the pain points we'll address:

Rapid Module Development in Drupal 8

In this session you'll learn about installing, configuring, and using free tools to help you quickly create and iterate Drupal 8 modules. Attendees should be comfortable working on their command line and have a basic understanding of how Drupal 8 modules are built.


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