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2018 Drupaldelphia

Don’t let the Security folks Slow down your DevOps pipeline

DevOps is an enabler of agile development, delivery and deployment.  It’s a combination of Development and Operations. When done right, it can speed up the delivery of IT services.  However, the talk of DevOps makes the security teams very nervous and reactive and it almost feels as if they don’t want the projects to progress.

Beyond Verification: Using Agile Testing to Drive Business Results

Testing can drive clarity and test adherence to specification, which is good, but why stop there! This session starts with how agile testing can be used to create better business cases and improve the probability that we deliver our targeted outcomes. But this talk is geared toward defining and moving our teams - both Developers and Product Owners - toward true Agility in Business Thinking.

Panel Discussion - Applying Agile to Business Contracts

Panel Discussion - Applying Agile to Business Contracts

After a short introduction by Mike Harris of the Premios Group, the panel will discuss "Agile Contracts"

Abstract: Yes, Agile Contracts are possible and are quite desirable.  There are methods to construct contracts to achieve outcomes using 3rd party resources in an Agile manner.  This is true for all cost-benefit evaluations, something that everyone on the team should appreciate.

The Panel will consist of

Making Drupal better by enabling a new group of Contributors

There are many people who use Drupal regularly, but have never contributed to it. Interestingly, many of them would love to contribute to Drupal. I posited that if contributing were only more straightforward, much more people would do it.

Big Changes for Small Agencies

In 2017 the second Drupal Business Survey was released with good news for businesses offering Drupal services. Drupal is growing steadily and Drupal 8 has a strong place in the market. But the survey also points to some trends that Drupal shops need to be aware of. For example the survey had this to say:

SilkscreenCMS: Easy Upgrades from Drupal 7

In January of 2017, SilkscreenCMS forked off of Backdrop to provide some advanced configuration and database features.  Over the last year, the core code has re-added database drivers, added new configuraiton storage options, and a framework to easily add more, while maintaining compatibility with Backdrop. In this talk, we'll go over the history of SilkscreenCMS, where SilkscreenCMS fits in the market, the new features, and take a look at the future of the platform.

All Good Things Must Come to an End: Archiving Your Drupal site onto Amazon S3

At some point, all sites come to an end, so join us in one example of how we did this for a government site. In this advanced session Dave Watts (Fig Leaf Software) and Kirsten Burgard (US Department of State) will take you through the steps they took to archive a Drupal 7 site onto S3.

Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to fail up through trial and error and:

Powering Platforms: How Drupal as a Service can save us all

Drupal continues to be better than ever, but Drupal's success is threatened from two sides. On the one, we risk discouraging new users and contributors, who face too much of Drupal's complexity early on. On the other, proprietary platforms increasingly squeeze out custom web development through sheer economies of scale. Retreating into Drupal's new fortress, the enterprise, aside from leaving many present and would-be members of  the community behind, doesn't change these dynamics, which will continue until there's nowhere left to hide.

My Accidental Experiment with Modern Agile

In this talk I will describe Joshua Kerievsky's Modern Agile principles. I will then describe my journey for the first 6 months after joining Capital One and how Modern Agile helped shape it.  We identified several key experiments and improvement areas that we wanted to focus on.  These were very closely aligned the key principles of the modern agile. We toke different routes with the product team , the developers, as well as the coaches.

Using agile to achieve rapid innovation

The pressure to innovate can be stifling. Agile methodologies can enable innovation. But without the right mindset and tools, companies can be trapped in the same rut that drove them to agile in the first place. Taking a practical approach, we will propose a model for innovation. This model can reduce the pressure to innovate and give team members breathing room to do the most creative problem solving of their lives.

Halp! I'm Stuck in Drupal 7!

This is NOT a session about upgrading to Drupal 8; you already want to, you already know you should, and you've already attended 32 different sessions about how. This is for the people who have projects that keep limping along in Drupal 7 and there's no time or budget in sight to upgrade. This is about limiting pain points and decreasing the amount of time you spend on regular maintenance so that you can spend more time on creating that migration plan.

Some of the pain points we'll address:

The traffic fallacy

You’ve probably been late to something once, only to find as you drive onto the freeway hoping that you can try to make up for some of that lost time, it’s backed up for what looks like miles and miles. You call your friend and update them that the 15 min drive is now looking like at least an hour. That’s just a guess, though, you really have no idea as you lack the visibility into the conditions of the bigger system that you’re now a part of.

2016 Drupaldelphia

Web Accessibility 101 - Accessibility Information and Solutions for Everyone

If you can design a website, you can design an accessible one. - World Wide Access

Web accessibility is nothing new, and there are a lot of actionable ways to make your content usable for all. The focus of this session will be on easy, everyday things that we all can do to make sure our sites are accessible for everyone, introduce accessibility standards and insure compliance with regulatory guidelines, learn WHAT NOT to do, and introduce site testing tools to help you build an accessible and inclusive website.

The Project Manager as Godzilla: Learn to Squash Bugs

Projects and budgets often live and die around quality assurance. In this session learn how a blend of client management tactics and technical resources will up your game and make you a cross-functional quality assurance and project management kaiju. Discover how to engage clients in a successful QA process from kick-off to launch with a blend of practical tips and common sense tactics.

Life on Purpose


The session will illuminate how our conscious choices impact ourselves, our future, and those around us. We will begin by discussing leadership, the current and future world of work, and the importance of living a life of purpose.

Accessible Continuous Integration

Sound continuous integration practices are game-changing for teams looking to deliver stellar digital services to stakeholders. Automated deployments, rigorous code review, and similar processes are valuable tools developers employ to ensure the best possible results. Unfortunately for customers, those results are usually obtainable only through the services of developers, server admins, and trained technical staff.

Integrating Drupal and Salesforce for Every Budget

Drupal is a powerful tool on its own, but when it's paired with a robust contact relationship management (CRM) solution like Salesforce, it can have an exponential impact on how an organization tracks users, transactions, and interaction.  It doesn’t always have to be a complicated or expensive endeavor, either, and no one approach is the right solution for everyone or every case.


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