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2019 Drupaldelphia

From User Stories to Use Cases: Tell the Full Story

Most of us have been trained to write user stories.

As a < type of user >, I want < some goal > so that < some reason >.

We write these on whiteboards.
We write these on notecards.
We write these in crazy software that promises to help us work more efficiently.

In the end, they end up being used as a checkbox

Test Driven Development in Real Life

Have you dreamed of embracing "automated testing", having heard that it's the solution to all of your problems, and helps you sleep at night? 

Are you overwhelmed at all the terminology and tools associated with CI/CD, testing, and automation in general?

This session provides a practical view of Test Driven Development when implemented in the real world.


Content Migration Strategy: A Tale of Two Websites

When designing and building a website, too often companies deprioritize content. So it's no surprise that a top reason why site launches are delayed is because content is not ready.

What does it look like for content to go from an afterthought to a requirement? And, what happens during a website migration when developers, desginers, and content strategists collaborate effectively?

Scaling Community Decision-making

Any libre software, volunteer, or even startup project will have elements of do-ocracy (rule of those who do the work) but not all decisions should devolve to implementors. Rather, a basic principle is that decisions should be made by the people who are most affected.

2018 Drupaldelphia

Opening Remarks & Lightning Keynotes

If you missed out on DrupalCon Nashville, we've got you covered at Drupaldelphia!

Our lightning keynotes will feature 4 panelists providing perspectives from:

  • Spearheading new technologies with Drupal
  • Leading project/product management teams
  • Operating a digital agency
  • Changing the academic landscape to keep up with digital technologies

Panelists and moderator will highlight takeaways from the DrupalCon Nashville 2018 Driesnote and summarize the future of the digital web landscape from their perspectives! 

Continuous Collaboration in LAMP Applications with Probo.CI

Probo.CI is an open source, quality assurance and user acceptance testing SaaS tool created by Zivtech. Probo allows the development process to continue while stakeholders, product owners, and QA teams review changes in real-time, allowing “Continuous Collaboration” on Drupal development projects. Probo’s system prevents blocks for developers, site builders, and themers with isolated testing environments, called Probo builds.

The Boring Middle Part

A lot of people think that in agile, we plan work just in time, that we wait until just before a sprint to do our planning. That's true but what's also true, and often ignored, is the part where you architect strategy ahead of time, getting agreement on high level what, why and how before sending work to developers.

Agile Games: Using Simple Play to Generate Lasting Insights

Agile Games: Using Simple Play to Generate Lasting Insights

by Mark Dodge and Vaibhav Gandhi

( scheduled on Friday Morning )


With a little creativity and ingenuity, learn how extending simple games can help agile teams explore challenges via a different lens to generate lasting insights and reveal new possibilities for improvement.


Applying Lean & Real Life Agile to UX - What Worked and What Hasn’t

Applying Lean & Real Life Agile to UX - What Worked and What Hasn’t

by Steve Pashley of Elsevier


Applying Lean UX in an enterprise setting requires more than just the adoption of a set of processes.

Successful implementation of Lean UX requires an organization mind shift. This discussion will focus on how we’ve attempted to  promote those shifts, and the challenges and successes we have encountered.


5 Core Principles of Kanban

This session will begin with a brief history of how IT has evolved to using Agile methods – in particular, how we have evolved to using Kanban. The presentation will move forward to the core of the session – an examination of the core principles of Kanban.   The principles include a discussion around WIP and WIP Limits, as well as an examination key flow metrics.  In addition to the session content, attendees will take away information on exercises they can use with their teams, information about qualify Kanban metrics tools and forecasting tools, and

Embracing the Lean/Agile Mindset

. Embracing the Lean/Agile Mindset

by Joel Chew

Helping Agile teams focus on Lean Thinking is a must in today's world.  Having the Agile mindset is more important than over-emphasizing which Agile framework is the best to choose.


* Joel will explain Lean ideas and how to apply them to your projects.

* Optimizing flow, minimizing Work in Progress, and creating Value Stream analyses to eliminate non-value added processes is a large part of true Lean Thinking.

Lean & Visual Metrics

Lean & Visual Metrics

by Tom Stone of Cerner

Tom Stone will discuss his dissertation at Temple’s Fox School of Business on the impact on software development productivity of both training and coaching as well as the use of "lean" metrics in conjunction with team meetings.  Lean metrics are visual, easily understood, accessible, timely and actionable.  Scrum managers were instructed on how to use these metrics in team meeting prior to dissemination.

Scaling the Agile Transition Wall

It is said that Scrum is easy to understand but difficult to master, so you can assume scaling Scrum, or any kind of Agile  framework,  is that much harder.  Many organizations research scaling models, study  them,  and eventually decide on how one of them will put them on a path toward creating an Agile enterprise.


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