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2018 Drupaldelphia

Agile Games: Using Simple Play to Generate Lasting Insights

Agile Games: Using Simple Play to Generate Lasting Insights

by Mark Dodge and Vaibhav Gandhi

( scheduled on Friday Morning )


With a little creativity and ingenuity, learn how extending simple games can help agile teams explore challenges via a different lens to generate lasting insights and reveal new possibilities for improvement.


5 Core Principles of Kanban

This session will begin with a brief history of how IT has evolved to using Agile methods – in particular, how we have evolved to using Kanban. The presentation will move forward to the core of the session – an examination of the core principles of Kanban.   The principles include a discussion around WIP and WIP Limits, as well as an examination key flow metrics.  In addition to the session content, attendees will take away information on exercises they can use with their teams, information about qualify Kanban metrics tools and forecasting tools, and

Scaling the Agile Transition Wall

It is said that Scrum is easy to understand but difficult to master, so you can assume scaling Scrum, or any kind of Agile  framework,  is that much harder.  Many organizations research scaling models, study  them,  and eventually decide on how one of them will put them on a path toward creating an Agile enterprise.

Beyond Verification: Using Agile Testing to Drive Business Results

Testing can drive clarity and test adherence to specification, which is good, but why stop there! This session starts with how agile testing can be used to create better business cases and improve the probability that we deliver our targeted outcomes. But this talk is geared toward defining and moving our teams - both Developers and Product Owners - toward true Agility in Business Thinking.

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