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2018 Drupaldelphia

Can we figure this Drupal Component thing out already?

Our community has seen the rise of countless solutions to implement design systems and components within Drupal. What have we learned?   This talk shares a perspective on one set of best practices our community should strive to achieve.

Into the backend: How to understand and plan code

Programming in languages like PHP is more than learning syntax. You must learn how to outline, plan, and write code to accomplish specific goals.

This can be difficult to wrap your head around at first. We take a step out of the code through an easy-to-understand analogy which walks us through the thought process for both how to plan writing code using a programming language and how to plan writing code using a framework.

If you're interested in taking your skills beyond HTML, CSS, and/or Site Building into programming, this is where to start.

Drupal Unhitched: The CMS in Decoupled Architectures

Decoupling your CMS isn’t just a technology question — it’s a different way of approaching the architecture of your data and its use. This session will look at popular scenarios for decoupled architectures, including:



Rapid Module Development in Drupal 8

In this session you'll learn about installing, configuring, and using free tools to help you quickly create and iterate Drupal 8 modules. Attendees should be comfortable working on their command line and have a basic understanding of how Drupal 8 modules are built.

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