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Drupaldelphia 2018 Schedule Overview:

  • 7:00am-8:00 Exhibitor Registration & Organizer Setup
  • 8:00 (ongoing) General Attendee Registration/Check-in Opens, Coffee/Water Available
  • 8:55-10:10 :  Lightning Keynotes
  • 10:15-11:15:  Session 1
  • 11:15-11:30:  Morning Coffee Break
  • 11:30-12:30:  Session 2
  • 12:30-1:30:  Lunch by LocalStove
  • 1:40-2:40:  Session 3
  • 2:45-3:45:  Session 4
  • 3:45-4:00:  Afternoon Coffee Break
  • 4:00-5:00:  Session 5
  • 5:00-5:15/5:30:  Closing Remarks
  • 5:00-10:00pm:  Philly Tech Week 2018 Kickoff Festival @ Schmidt's Commons - free to attend, discounted food and beverages available, live entertainment, lots of games/exhibitors/swag!
Timeslot: Opening Remarks/Keynote (8:55-10:10)
Title Room Number Timeslot
Opening Remarks & Lightning Keynotes
If you missed out on DrupalCon Nashville, we've got you covered at Drupaldelphia! Our lightning keynotes will feature 4 panelists providing perspectives from:
Speaker(s): chrisurban, iannozzi, prestonso, jvoris
Room 168 Opening Remarks/Keynote (8:55-10:10)
Timeslot: Session 1 (10:15-11:15)
Title Room Number Timeslot
5 Core Principles of Kanban
This session will begin with a brief history of how IT has evolved to using Agile methods – in particular, how we have evolved to using Kanban. The presentation will move forward to the core of the... Full Details
Speaker(s): Charlie.Villare
Room 173 Session 1 (10:15-11:15)
The Boring Middle Part
A lot of people think that in agile, we plan work just in time, that we wait until just before a sprint to do our planning. That's true but what's also true, and often ignored, is the part where you... Full Details

Also presented at:

Women InTech Summit

Speaker(s): michiko.quinones
Room 172 Session 1 (10:15-11:15)
Git 101 - Intro to Git
Git has become our industry’s version control gold standard for good reason: it’s a powerful tool that facilitates collaboration.
Speaker(s): aburke626
Room 115 Session 1 (10:15-11:15)
Erasing the Stigma: Mental Health in Tech
Many developers, including myself, deal with mental health issues, yet mental health in the developer community is often overlooked, hidden, or swept under the rug.
Speaker(s): dorf
Room 112 Session 1 (10:15-11:15)
All Good Things Must Come to an End: Archiving Your Drupal site onto Amazon S3
At some point, all sites come to an end, so join us in one example of how we did this for a government site. In this advanced session Dave Watts (Fig Leaf Software) and Kirsten Burgard (US Department... Full Details
Speaker(s): bendygirl
Room 171 Session 1 (10:15-11:15)
Drupal 8: The Missing Parts
Can you not quite get Drupal to do what you want? Is your Admin side of your site a little clunky? Too many paragraph bundles that all do basically the same thing?
Speaker(s): inge
Room 124 Session 1 (10:15-11:15)
The Power of User-Contributed Content: Strategies for Deepening Engagement Through Storytelling
Using its 100-year anniversary as a milestone, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) sought ways to reach out to alumni—activists, volunteers, former staff—to re-engage them and deepen their... Full Details
Speaker(s): iannozzi
Room 168 Session 1 (10:15-11:15)
Into the backend: How to understand and plan code
Programming in languages like PHP is more than learning syntax. You must learn how to outline, plan, and write code to accomplish specific goals.
Speaker(s): ashrafabed
Room 125 Session 1 (10:15-11:15)
Timeslot: Session 2 (11:30-12:30)
Title Room Number Timeslot
Scaling the Agile Transition Wall
It is said that Scrum is easy to understand but difficult to master, so you can assume scaling Scrum, or any kind of Agile  framework,  is that much harder.  Many organizations... Full Details

Also presented at:

AgilePhilly 2017

Speaker(s): kdavis
Room 173 Session 2 (11:30-12:30)
Don’t let the Security folks Slow down your DevOps pipeline
DevOps is an enabler of agile development, delivery and deployment.  It’s a combination of Development and Operations. When done right, it can speed up the delivery of IT services.  However... Full Details
Speaker(s): vana_khurana
Room 172 Session 2 (11:30-12:30)
Web Components: The Future of Web Development is Here
If you haven’t explored Web Components yet, you’re missing out on a powerful tool that can greatly enhance reusability of common web elements throughout your websites and web applications. As Comcast... Full Details

Also presented at:

  • MinneWebCon 2017
  • LibertyJS 2017

Speaker(s): JohnRiv, chiefcll
Room 124 Session 2 (11:30-12:30)
Getting Started with React, Drupal 8, and JsonAPI
You don't have to go fully headless to integrate React into your site. You can use it for a page, a section, a content type, or a page component. First I'll talk about what React is good for and... Full Details
Speaker(s): jody
Room 112 Session 2 (11:30-12:30)
Docksal: one tool to rule local and CI/CD environments
Working on a project that is distributed across many developers and many operating systems is challenging. Let's see how to set up uniform local environments for your Drupal, Wordpress, Node, Gatsby... Full Details
Speaker(s): achekulaev
Room 115 Session 2 (11:30-12:30)
4 Essential Checklists to Manage Drupal Projects
There are two types of mistakes, errors of ignorance (mistakes we make because we don’t know enough), and errors of ineptitude (mistakes we make because we don’t use of what we know). No matter how... Full Details

Also presented at:

Get the checklists and contribute to improve them here

Speaker(s): schiavone
Room 168 Session 2 (11:30-12:30)
Halp! I'm Stuck in Drupal 7!
This is NOT a session about upgrading to Drupal 8; you already want to, you already know you should, and you've already attended 32 different sessions about how. This is for the people who have... Full Details
Speaker(s): ldpm
Room 171 Session 2 (11:30-12:30)
EventDispatcher->dispatch(MyModule::UPGRADE) - moving from D7 to D8 for developers
In this session, we'll explore aspects of navigating the dozens of new Drupal 8 APIs, architectural decisions when planning your projects, issues management, and team coordination.
Speaker(s): aaron
Room 125 Session 2 (11:30-12:30)
Timeslot: Session 3 (1:40-2:40)
Title Room Number Timeslot
Inclusive Digital Products: Why Web Accessibility Matters
Does your website create an inclusive or exclusive environment for users? Does your digital strategy incorporate web accessibility standards? Are you not sure? Let's have a conversation and find out!
Speaker(s): karagaulrapp
Room 168 Session 3 (1:40-2:40)
Learn how to set up your own Drupal instance with Docker
This workshop will teach you how to set up your own Drupal Instance using Docker. You will learn about containers, images, shared volumes and how to get quickly familiar with Docker commands so you... Full Details
Speaker(s): dsteplight
Room 115 Session 3 (1:40-2:40)
My Accidental Experiment with Modern Agile
In this talk I will describe Joshua Kerievsky's Modern Agile principles.
Speaker(s): deanchanter
Room 172 Session 3 (1:40-2:40)
Powering Platforms: How Drupal as a Service can save us all
Drupal continues to be better than ever, but Drupal's success is threatened from two sides. On the one, we risk discouraging new users and contributors, who face too much of Drupal's complexity early... Full Details
Speaker(s): mlncn
Room 171 Session 3 (1:40-2:40)
Agile Games: Using Simple Play to Generate Lasting Insights
Agile Games: Using Simple Play to Generate Lasting Insights by Mark Dodge and Vaibhav Gandhi ( scheduled on Friday Morning )  
Speaker(s): Mark.Dodge, Vaibhav.Gandhi
Room 173 Session 3 (1:40-2:40)
The Drupaler's Guide to Behavior Driven Development (BDD) with Behat
As engineers and developers, we tend to be passionate about building something great, which Drupal 8 is perfect for doing.
Speaker(s): aczietlow
Room 112 Session 3 (1:40-2:40)
Rapid Module Development in Drupal 8
In this session you'll learn about installing, configuring, and using free tools to help you quickly create and iterate Drupal 8 modules. Attendees should be comfortable working on their command line... Full Details
Speaker(s): tmountjr
Room 125 Session 3 (1:40-2:40)
Webform: There is this for that
One of the key mantras in the Drupal is “there is a module for that, ” and Webform is the module for building forms for Drupal 8.
Speaker(s): jrockowitz
Room 124 Session 3 (1:40-2:40)
Timeslot: Session 4 (2:45-3:45)
Title Room Number Timeslot
Beyond Verification: Using Agile Testing to Drive Business Results
Testing can drive clarity and test adherence to specification, which is good, but why stop there! This session starts with how agile testing can be used to create better business cases and improve... Full Details
Speaker(s): david.bulkin
Room 173 Session 4 (2:45-3:45)
Continuous Collaboration in LAMP Applications with Probo.CI
Probo.CI is an open source, quality assurance and user acceptance testing SaaS tool created by Zivtech.
Speaker(s): sk33lz
Room 115 Session 4 (2:45-3:45)
The traffic fallacy
You’ve probably been late to something once, only to find as you drive onto the freeway hoping that you can try to make up for some of that lost time, it’s backed up for what
Speaker(s): seddings
Room 172 Session 4 (2:45-3:45)
Can we figure this Drupal Component thing out already?
Our community has seen the rise of countless solutions to implement design systems and components within Drupal. What have we learned?   This talk shares a perspective on one set of best... Full Details
Speaker(s): nerdstein
Room 125 Session 4 (2:45-3:45)
Content Moderation in Core
Content moderation is stable in Drupal 8.5.x.
Speaker(s): esod
Room 168 Session 4 (2:45-3:45)
Techniques for Designing with Drupal 8
Designing for the web is complicated.
Speaker(s): schiavone
Room 124 Session 4 (2:45-3:45)
Reliable. Fast. Engaging. Progressive Web Applications!
The web of the future is available today!
Speaker(s): belcherj
Room 171 Session 4 (2:45-3:45)
Visual Regression Testing: How Could You Be So Sure?
Visual regression testing can help cut down on QA time and effort while adding a level of precision to pattern development and stylesheet refactoring.
Speaker(s): tjnicolaides
Room 112 Session 4 (2:45-3:45)
Timeslot: Session 5 (4:00-5:00)
Title Room Number Timeslot
Panel Discussion - Applying Agile to Business Contracts
Panel Discussion - Applying Agile to Business Contracts After a short introduction by Mike Harris of the Premios Group, the panel will discuss "Agile Contracts"
Speaker(s): Mike.Harris, david.bulkin, chrisurban, Paul.Eisenberg, jvoris
Room 172 Session 5 (4:00-5:00)
Using mood-driven UX methods for form processes
When it comes to grueling but necessary site tasks (such as long forms), how do we keep users from feeling annoyed throughout the process? By mapping out each user type’s mood throughout a journey,... Full Details
Speaker(s): jenrovner, dan
Room 168 Session 5 (4:00-5:00)
Social API: D8's Authentication and Posting Suite for Social Networks
Almost every website interacts with 3rd party systems and majority of these systems are social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Take away the ability to authenticate users with every social... Full Details
Speaker(s): Slurpee, gvso
Room 124 Session 5 (4:00-5:00)
Easy Automated Testing with Pull Request Environments on your own servers with DevShop
DevShop is an open-source Drupal hosting platform that can be used for production, development and testing environments. 
Speaker(s): jonpugh
Room 115 Session 5 (4:00-5:00)
Migrating Revolutionary Output to Drupal 8 (Socialism & Orange Is the New Black)
We'll discuss in depth the largest challenge of the project - migrating links to YouTube/YT Playlist videos within body fields that open in a Colorbox modal. This involves:
Speaker(s): sethfisher
Room 112 Session 5 (4:00-5:00)
Drupal Unhitched: The CMS in Decoupled Architectures
Decoupling your CMS isn’t just a technology question — it’s a different way of approaching the architecture of your data and its use. This session will look at popular scenarios for decoupled... Full Details
Speaker(s): mllobrera
Room 125 Session 5 (4:00-5:00)
SilkscreenCMS: Easy Upgrades from Drupal 7
In January of 2017, SilkscreenCMS forked off of Backdrop to provide some advanced configuration and database features.  Over the last year, the core code has re-added database drivers, added new... Full Details
Speaker(s): John Franklin
Room 171 Session 5 (4:00-5:00)