Session FAQs

Drupaldelphia is now accepting proposals for sessions. Drupaldephia session presenters come from all walks of life and many industries. View Proposed Sessions or Past Sessions.

Drupaldelphia is no longer accepting sessions. Stay tuned for session announcements and schedule. In the meantime, view Proposed Sessions.

Session FAQ

What kind of sessions might there be?

  • Theming
    • CSS Preprocessing using SASS (Node vs Ruby)

    • Twig

    • Drupal 7 vs Drupal 8 Theming

    • Using Entities to preprocess/theme 

  • Module Development
    • Using Features

    • Writing a Custom Module

    • Debugging Tools & Practices

    • Coding Best Practices

  • Search Implementation
    • Apache Solr

    • Elastic Search

    • Google Search Appliance

    • Google Custom Search

  • Project Management / User Experience
    • Discovery Process

    • User Stories / User Pathing

    • Behavioral Testing (Behat)

    • Regression Testing

  • Website Performance
    • Accessibility

    • Site Security

    • Site/Application Performance

    • Caching

    • Search Engine Optimization

  • DevOps
    • TaskRunner Libraries/Options

    • Virtualization

    • Deployment Management

  • Case Studies
    • Drupal for Nonprofit

    • Drupal in Higher Ed

    • Drupal for Government & Civic Websites

    • Commerce

  • General Sitebuilding

  • Software Development best practices and frameworks, with preference for agile methodologies

    • Lean

    • Kanban

    • Scrum

    • Testing and Team Building

  • JavaScript frameworks and decoupled architecture

    • Angular

    • React

    • Node.js

    • Elm

    • Ember

    • and others!


Who Can Submit?

Anyone with a pulse and a love for Drupal and/or one of its many facets. And Elvis, him too.

Adding an App to my Drupal 8 websites is Easy*

In this session you will learn:

  • High Level what is DrupalGap and PhoneGap and how they work together.
  • See how to easily create a App for your drupal 8.
  • Build a simple app that shows the power and simplicity of DrupalGap 8.
  • Tips and Tricks.

What should you know: