Volunteer for Drupaldelphia


Drupaldelphia seeks volunteers for its main event on Friday May 10, 2019. We are seeking volunteers in the following capacities and roles.

  1. Lead/Assist in one of the following open lab/workshop events:
    • "Drupal/Composer help desk" - helping people install, troubleshoot, etc. [All Day]
    • "Community Give Back" - helping people sign up/register for a Drupal.org and/or Stack Exchange profile, and identifying the ways they can give back; ideally- answering a question or committing a patch within an hour. [All Day]
    • "Accessibility lab" - help run a cursory accessibility scan/review of a site; help users interpret the findings and identify possible fixes. [Afternoon].
    • "Career Launch & Migrate workshop" - general resume review and interview prep workshop [All Day]
  2. Assist in morning check-in and registration [starting at 8am, running until end of opening remarks]
  3. Assist in ongoing/late check-in and registration and general event facilities questions [starting with opening remarks, lasting all day]
  4. Assist with session presentation & recording equipment - making sure each session presenter is able to hook up to the projectors, record their talks, and manage the lights as needed. [All Day]
  5. Event Photographer(s) - taking general photos throughout the day of people checking in, huddling/networking, enjoying lunch, etc; as well as sponsor exhibits, session presenters  [All Day]
  6. General Event facilities setup & breakdown - assist with sponsor folding table placement, extension cord placement, sorting event merchandise for distribution as well as collecting of left over merchandise/food/beverage at end of event, folding chairs and tables [morning of, up to 1.5 hours before opening remarks & afternoon/evening, up to 1 hour past end of last session]

Volunteers committing to at least half a day worth of volunteer activiities get free admission to Drupaldelphia.

In order to help us coordinate, please take 2 minutes to complete our online volunteer survey at: