Linode, a leading cloud services provider founded in 2003, today boasts 400,000-plus customers and 600,000 websites spread across eight worldwide datacenters in North America, Europe and Asia.

Through Linode’s KVM virtualization, subscribers create a server in under a minute for as little as $10/month and then dynamically scale this environment to achieve solutions – paying only for what they use - without long-term commitments. 

Linode’s proven Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform enables customers to fully customize their environments from eight data centers in the US, UK and Asia. Subscribers can choose from a menu of add-on features, including Longview metrics, scheduled backups and NodeBalancers. The Onion and WP Engine are two notable enterprises that rely on Linode. ranks Linode in the top 10 largest web-hosting providers. CloudHarmony reports Linode exceeds a 99.99 percent average for service availability. and Cloud66 found Linode’s performance fastest among competitors. 

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