Rapid Data APIs using GraphQL and Drupal

Rapid Data APIs using GraphQL and Drupal

GraphQL has quickly become a data API alternative to REST due to its flexible query structure, and the community has developed a mature GraphQL module for Drupal that makes setting up a decoupled CMS a snap. This talk will dive into:


  • How you can quickly set up Drupal to use GraphQL for its data APIs

  • Basic GraphQL queries including Fragments, Aliases, and Arguments

  • Beyond out-of-the-box: creating custom fields, types, and interfaces

  • How Bluecadet used Drupal and GraphQL to power Cinder and React touchscreen interactives for MIT Museum’s Exhibition “Lighter, Stronger, Faster: The Herreshoff Legacy”

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Mark Llobrera has been creating websites and applications since the days of spacer GIFs, table layouts, and squelchy modem sounds. As a Technology Director for Bluecadet, he leads a team that partners with museums, nonprofits, and universities to build websites, interactive installations, and immersive environments. Mark is a writer whose contributions have been published by A List Apart and net magazine. He regularly speaks at web and technology conferences, focusing on empowering content creators in a multi-channel, multi-device world. You can find him on Twitter @dirtystylus or at dirtystylus.com.

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