Continuous Collaboration in LAMP Applications with Probo.CI

Continuous Collaboration in LAMP Applications with Probo.CI

Probo.CI is an open source, quality assurance and user acceptance testing SaaS tool created by Zivtech. Probo allows the development process to continue while stakeholders, product owners, and QA teams review changes in real-time, allowing “Continuous Collaboration” on Drupal development projects. Probo’s system prevents blocks for developers, site builders, and themers with isolated testing environments, called Probo builds. Probo builds streamline the processes that your team uses to run tests and review changes against your codebase, ultimately speeding up the time it takes to get client approval on new features and changes.

Using GitHub and Bitbucket to manage source code is something we probably all do at this point, but how long does it take for your team to set up a development server to test the latest pull request with the specific database you need? Probo removes this variable from the equation by using Docker containers to isolate both the codebase and database of your site per Pull Request, allowing for continuous collaboration and QA during each step of the development process. This development workflow allows developers to work in parallel with other team members; they’re no longer blocked while waiting for other code to be merged or special dev environments to be built for QA, UAT, or client demos.

This session will focus on using the Probo.CI service to enhance your development team’s workflow. Probo allows development teams to spend more time writing code rather than configuring testing environments and running tests.

During this session, you’ll learn about the following features that can be integrated into your workflow using Probo.CI and a single YAML configuration file.

  • Continuous collaboration on pull requests on GitHub.

  • Continuous collaboration on pull requests on Bitbucket.

  • Automated testing with Behat.

  • Visual regression testing with

  • Accessibility testing with

  • Automatically post build notifications to Jira.

  • Automatically post build notifications to Slack.

  • Using Probo.CI with Drupal, WordPress, and other LAMP based projects.

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