Content Migration Strategy: A Tale of Two Websites

Content Migration Strategy: A Tale of Two Websites

When designing and building a website, too often companies deprioritize content. So it's no surprise that a top reason why site launches are delayed is because content is not ready.

What does it look like for content to go from an afterthought to a requirement? And, what happens during a website migration when developers, desginers, and content strategists collaborate effectively?

We'll examine these questions through two very different content migrations. First, a regional utility company, redesigning their digital experience - who course-corrected the project by bringing in content support mid-process. Second, a global roofing company, uniting 300+ microsites in 36 countries, who prioritized content up front.

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A version of this talk will be presented in late 2019 at the Content Strategy Philly meetup.

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Dani Solomon is a Content Strategist at EPAM Systems, a digital agency, in Philadelphia, PA. She helps clients by managing enterprise content migrations in coordination with design and development teams. With insights from site audits and stakeholder interviews, she also recommends strategies for technical and content SEO, content lifecycle, governance, and workflow. She is also a co-organizer of the meetup group, Content Strategy Philly. Prior to joining EPAM, Dani was in-house on small content marketing teams. When she's not content-ing, you can find Dani in her garden, in the gym, or on the SRT.

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