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Web Accessibility 101 - Accessibility Information and Solutions for Everyone

If you can design a website, you can design an accessible one. - World Wide Access

Web accessibility is nothing new, and there are a lot of actionable ways to make your content usable for all. The focus of this session will be on easy, everyday things that we all can do to make sure our sites are accessible for everyone, introduce accessibility standards and insure compliance with regulatory guidelines, learn WHAT NOT to do, and introduce site testing tools to help you build an accessible and inclusive website.

The Project Manager as Godzilla: Learn to Squash Bugs

Projects and budgets often live and die around quality assurance. In this session learn how a blend of client management tactics and technical resources will up your game and make you a cross-functional quality assurance and project management kaiju. Discover how to engage clients in a successful QA process from kick-off to launch with a blend of practical tips and common sense tactics.

Life on Purpose


The session will illuminate how our conscious choices impact ourselves, our future, and those around us. We will begin by discussing leadership, the current and future world of work, and the importance of living a life of purpose.

Accessible Continuous Integration

Sound continuous integration practices are game-changing for teams looking to deliver stellar digital services to stakeholders. Automated deployments, rigorous code review, and similar processes are valuable tools developers employ to ensure the best possible results. Unfortunately for customers, those results are usually obtainable only through the services of developers, server admins, and trained technical staff.

Integrating Drupal and Salesforce for Every Budget

Drupal is a powerful tool on its own, but when it's paired with a robust contact relationship management (CRM) solution like Salesforce, it can have an exponential impact on how an organization tracks users, transactions, and interaction.  It doesn’t always have to be a complicated or expensive endeavor, either, and no one approach is the right solution for everyone or every case.

Stuck with 6? You have options.

For smaller (and even medium-sized) organizations, rebuilding a Drupal website with every major release simply isn’t an option.  While the community is rightly focused on the future, too many folks who need to live with their D6 sites a little longer are getting left behind.  There are some options for keeping your site (relatively) secure while you raise the dollars for a redesign or wait for one to be completed.  At this session, you’ll learn some very practical tips for extending your site’s shelf-life and some options for upgrading.

The Rescue Project: On Adopting Someone Else's Mess

We are all familiar with the story—massive project, naive client, overly ambitious developer.  Too often, it turns into a tragedy, with the client investing wasted dollars, energy, and time into a stalled or failed project.  As development shops, we do our best to avoid inheriting these scenarios, because the risks and responsibility are real.  Client fatigue, budgetary limitations, unreasonable expectations, and bad code would seem to doom an engagement before it even begins.  But is it possible to transform a failing project and make it work for both the client and the

Merging "Requirements" with Real Life Possibilities or The Client Calls at Midnight

You're sitting across from your client, nervously stirring your coffee...umm...well...

"I think we could do that," you finally say.

Instantly your stomach is in knots. You're not sure how to do THAT.

You're not even sure your client needs THAT. So what do you do? How do you take the person holding the purse strings, and tell them that they can't have what they want?

By embodying the spirit of Jessica Fletcher and starring in your own TV Show spinoff "Client She Wrote."

Get it Write the First time: User Stories

  • What's the difference among a story, an Epic, a task or an Improvement?
  • What's a tracer bullet, as opposed to a Spike?
  • How do you bridge the gap between what your client wants and what the developers on your team need to know?


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