Notes & Reminders for Presenters

  1. The formal session schedule was released at the tail end of last week.  Please double check the session schedule at and advise us immediately of any concerns with your scheduled time(s).

  2. Also, if you haven't already, please sign into the site and update your session descriptions/upload any additional materials. (we relaunched the site at the beginning of March and manually migrated content).  Should you have trouble editing your session, please email with the drupaldelphia username you're signing in with so we can make sure the right permissions are set.

  3. Session Prep Reminders & Notes:

    • Sessions last roughly 50 minutes (inclusive of Q&A).

      1. 10:10-11:00

      2. 11:05-11:55

      3. 1:30-2:20

      4. 2:25-3:15

      5. 3:25-4:15

    • Rooms are quite large; podiums will be equipped with a microphone and projectors (display & sound hubs for connecting to).  We will try to have display port, hdmi, vga, and dvi adaptors on hand- but recommend you bring them along as well.

    • If you plan on broadcasting your screen/presenting code, please familiarize yourself with zoom functionality on your text-editors/IDEs.

    • Due to regulations and limitations of our agreement with the convention center, there will be no FORMAL video-recording of sessions.  However, we will be equipping each room with devices to record audio at the podium for each session.

    • At registration/check-in, all participants will have nametags; presenters should be sure to use the customized nametags to help distinguish them from other attendees.

On behalf of the 2016 Drupaldelphia Planning Committee, thank you again for your generosity and efforts in making this long awaited camp possible!

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