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2016 Drupaldelphia

DevOps Discipline: Detailed & Complete

Dive into code-driven details with a backstory, discovering a complete solution which achieves consistency using secure and open-sourced automation. Introduce harmony to your infrastructure and Agile workflow while adding business value and reducing risk.

Presented by the Catapult team - you may know our other projects, vagrant-digitalocean and vagrant-hostmanager.

Seth Reeser and Steve Britton

Get it Write the First time: User Stories

  • What's the difference among a story, an Epic, a task or an Improvement?
  • What's a tracer bullet, as opposed to a Spike?
  • How do you bridge the gap between what your client wants and what the developers on your team need to know?

Better Agile Drupal Sprints: leverage Jira for good

You've got a great team of agile architects and developers who are making great progress through the backlog; and you're working with a group of enthusiastic product owners who are writing good, clear user stories and acceptance criteria. As a project manager or scrummaster managing a large, distributed team, are the ways you can further improve, and get your deliverables out the door more quickly and efficiently?

Introduction to GraphQL

GraphQL has been deemed everything from the death knell of RESTful architectures to the query language of the future.

Decoupled Drupal and the Front End

Decoupled content management has been taking the front-end world by storm recently as developers seek new ways to leverage battle-tested back ends alongside more flexible, extensible front ends. The JavaScript renaissance firmly envisages a future where single-page apps with ever-quickening advances can integrate seamlessly with "headless" back ends such as Drupal -- by bypassing the theme layer altogether.

Decoupled Drupal with React

Of all the projects to emerge from the JavaScript renaissance, React, a library for rendering data in view components, has seen an explosion in popularity due to its compelling state system, colocation of view templates with view logic, and lack of assumptions about the stack. Created by Facebook to power its web applications, React is an intriguing candidate for use as a lightweight front end paired with decoupled Drupal. The Virtual DOM-based state system and JSX templating language are two of the most influential recent innovations in client-side frameworks.

Port your theme to Drupal 8

Now that Drupal 8 has an official release, it's time to look at the way things work for front end developers.

In this session we will compare the Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 theme layers and what makes front end development in Drupal 8 different. We will also look at the proper way to port a D7 theme to D8. 


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