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Site Building With The End User In Mind

Building a successful Drupal website or platform often involves a lot of configuration & modeling on the needs of the folks who will be using the site & how the content they are producing is exposed. 
Who are these ‘end users’ we refer to? They are generally just good people who want to easily get work done & we’ve been those people - in Drupal 5, Drupal 6 & Drupal 7. 

The Project Manager as Godzilla: Learn to Squash Bugs

Projects and budgets often live and die around quality assurance. In this session learn how a blend of client management tactics and technical resources will up your game and make you a cross-functional quality assurance and project management kaiju. Discover how to engage clients in a successful QA process from kick-off to launch with a blend of practical tips and common sense tactics.

Announcing Bob Moul as Keynote Speaker for Drupaldelphia 2016

Drawing from 35 years of experience ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Bob Moul will share lessons he learned on his journey from the mailroom to tech CEO. The keynote, titled “How to Succeed at Success - Stacking the Odds in Your Favor,” will focus on how to build a successful and empowered life while balancing relationships, health, and, of course, a business itself. 

Continuous Delivery with Drupal

Continuous Delivery (CD) you've heard about it used on big fancy sites, but how can you implement it yourself? The critical thing in continuous delivery is that the main branch is in a deployable state at all times enabling regular releases. At DrupalCon Barcelona Dries talked about how projects, including Drupal core, might be able to achieve this noble goal. Implementing CD in Drupal 7 can be tricky but it can also be insanely powerful.

Session Presenters Can Qualify for Discounted Admission!

The Drupaldelphia planning committee will be reviewing and approving the final list of sessions this week.  Accepted session presenters that help us spread the word about the event will qualify for discounted admission.  Stay tuned for details in the email notifying you about your sessions to learn how to get the coupon code for your discounted ticket!

CI for CSS: Creating a Visual Regression Testing Workflow

Small, unexpected front-end changes are tough to spot manually and can be a signal for larger problems. Rapid development cycles, large page counts and developer fatigue can make it difficult to catch even visually obvious mistakes before they go live.

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Does my Drupal backend look weird to you?

You manage a Drupal site, adding content, curating the homepage. You had some developers build it for you, or maybe you built it yourself. There are some things that are sort of frustrating and confusing, but that's just how Drupal is, right? It's totally normal, right? Wait, are you saying that maybe it's not and maybe it's just my site? Oh my god, does my backend look weird to you? Like..... in a bad way?

Coding in the Cloud: Local DevOps made easy

Fast, simple, local development for the masses!

It's time to burn down W/MAMP, Virtual Box, Chef, Puppet, Vagrant, lxc, Docker, and all that other DevOps overhead.  2016 is the year cloud-based IDEs become viable.

Drulenium - Visual Regression Testing and Drupal

Ever wondered why your website breaks each time you add a new feature? Want to automate testing on your site? don't know coding? No Problem! Drulenium to your rescue!!

Drupal + Selenium = Drulenium

What is Visual Regression Testing?

Markup the Drupal 8 way

Drupal 8 uses Twig as its default templating engine. This has generated a lot of excitement but Twig isn't the only thing that has changed in the Drupal 8 Theme System - Twig has been a tool that has allowed us to make many other changes.

In this presentation I will give an overview of how markup should be printed in Drupal 8. I will also walk through some of the changes that have made outputting markup more complex and how to cope with them.

Topics in this session includes:

Managing Other Services with Drupal

One of Drupal's great strengths is creating good user interfaces on the web.  FAPI makes creating forms trivial.  The theming layer provides a consistent look and feel across the site while allowing for custom skinning of any page.

Will Drupal 10 be written in Php?

Drupal has been “getting off the island” implementing P.I.E. (Proudly Invented Elsewhere) with the integration of outside open source projects like Twig and Symfony. But how far off the island will we be going? Have been consequences to moving off the island? 

Drupal was written in Php because Dries Buytaert wanted to learn Php. So why do we use Php? What benefits does Php offer? How has Php shaped Drupal? This session will ask these questions and many more. Answers will be offered. Mysteries will remain. But by the end of this session you'll have a better understanding of what makes Drupal.

Creating a Custom Drupal Theme in 40 minutes

Can a custom Drupal 8 Theme be created in 40 minutes? It would be foolhardy to try in front of an audience. That's why it must be done. The results might not be pretty but we're going to create a theme from start to finish. In the process you'll get to see all the components that make up a theme and get acquainted with tools that get the job done.

Drupal 8 Module Development: Mad with Power

Module development in Drupal 8 is drastically different from Drupal 7 and previous versions of Drupal. This presentation will introduce the powerful new things you can do easily in Drupal 8. Want to add fields to the node table? No problem. Want to make a condition that can be used in Blocks, Panels, or Rules? Super easy. Need to extend or alter the functionality of field form matters or widgets on your site? No sweat.

Drupal 8 Layout without Panels or Context

In Drupal 7, for all but the most simple sites it seemed like no one used the core Block system. If you wanted to manage any kind of complicated layout you probably used Panels or the Context module.

Luckily for Drupal 8 the Block system has been vastly improved by a few key features:

Your First Drupal 8 Module

This presentation will start you on your journey into Drupal 8 module development. It will show you the steps you need to take to make a simple but useful Drupal module.

You can checkout the module now.

Topics that will be covered

Using paragraphs to drive flexible modular Templates

So, you've developed a beautiful, functional site on Drupal. The designers are happy, the client is happy, and users are converting. But the content editors are frustrated, they hate the experience. Sound familiar? Yeah, we've all been there.


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